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Watershed is a software platform for running a world-class climate program. We measure our success in the carbon reduction achievements of our customers. We are looking for team members who love product-building, want to work hard at a mission-oriented startup, and will collaborate with us in shaping the culture of a growing team.

We have a small office in San Francisco and remote team members across US timezones. We hope that you'll be interested in joining us!

The role

We're looking for a data scientist who is excited about automating and improving the way we measure carbon for our users. We want people who think about the lifecycle of the data all the way from collection to visualization and action. We also want someone who is a deep critical thinker and always pushing us to keep our methodologies and approaches as rigorous and accurate as possible.

You will:

  • Help collect, munge, and pipeline our user's data through our internal tooling.
  • Improve the automation and validation of the end-to-end data system.
  • Become an expert in climate, and help develop novel methodologies to measure the impact of different business initiatives on the climate.
  • Build and augment internal tools that improve our ability to analyze, understand, and validate our user's carbon footprint.
  • Help apply more sophisticated techniques around helping our users forecast and predict the impact of their business and their climate initiatives.

You might be a fit if you:

  • Are willing to roll up your sleeves and deal with data that wouldn't be characterized as "clean".
  • Can think critically about climate research and external data sources to develop a strong mental model around how actions translate into climate impact.
  • Have a strong user-facing intuition around the visual display of data and driving actions through visualizations and product features.
  • Are an exceptional written and verbal communicator.
  • Are passionate about solving climate change and excited to contribute to doing so at high scale.


What's your approach to remote work?

Watershed is hiring team members on all US time zones, and we're committed to growing a long-term distributed team. We will have a hub office in San Francisco, and about two thirds of the team currently expects to work in that office post-COVID.

What are Watershed's return-to-office plans?

We're a COVID-cautious company, and we'll return to the office when it's known to be safe. In the meantime, we treasure every opportunity to socialize and collaborate safely. We've maintained an office in San Francisco where local employees can work one-at-a-time during COVID. We use its large outdoors space for optional socially distant gatherings, and prioritize team walks and park picnics as a tide-over during COVID.

Do I need X years of experience, climate experience, etc.?

No, Watershed is hiring team members with a broad range of prior experience, and we'd love to talk with you regardless of yours. We prioritize mentorship on the job.

What's the interview process like?

It starts the same for every candidate: getting to know the team members through two to three conversations about Watershed, your experience, and your interests. During these conversations, we'll agree together on a written plan of the interview process for your particular role. Usually this begins with a skill screen (e.g. a coding interview for an engineer, or a portfolio review for a designer). We prioritize transparency and lack of surprise throughout the process.